Sony VAIO S13 Review (2012 13 VAIO S Series Model)

A review of the Sony VAIO S 13, 13.3 screen business style laptop, with an Intel Core i5 3rd generation processor from the Ivy Bridge family. The VAIO S under review comes with an Intel Core i5-3210 processor, 640GB of HD space, 6GB of RAM and Intel HD 400 graphics. However, the VAIO S13 Premium model can come equipped with an Nvidia 640m graphics card, Core i7 processor and fast SSD for a screaming performance machine. The VAIO S13 is nice and portable, it weighs under 4lbs and is less than an inch thin. However, it does not have the disadvantages of an Ultrabook, you get an optical drive, removable battery and can upgrade things like RAM and hard drive yourself.