Zoom B2.1u Bass Multi Fx Processor demo — Nevada Music UK

The Zoom B2.1u is a multi effects unit for the electric bass guitar. The B2.1U was designed to cover both live and studio use, it comes with a copy of Cubase LE and its stomp box style design means you have access to its features via your feet. The unit is simple and easy to use, splitting the factory presets into banks and patches that allow you to have instant access to a variety of pre-edited sounds. There are also 40 User patches available that allow you to edit and save your own sounds. Also featuring a built in tuner, rhythm machine and assignable expression pedal the B2.1U is a versatile effects unit with tons of effects and features47 Effects. The B2.1U features 9 effects modules dedicated to aspects such as dynamics, drive, modulation, and ambience and offers a total of 47 effects. A limiter/compressor lets you control peaks and ensure that levels are matched. The auto wah and resonance filter are indispensable for playing that funky sound. The octaver creates a wave of energy in the ultra-low range. The defret effect gives you the sweet tone and smooth transients of a fretless bass. Other features include delay with settings to 5000 ms and hold function, tape echo for that vintage feeling, crystal-clear stereo chorus, as well as flanger, phaser, pitch shifter and many other studio-class effects.USB Connection The USB port allows the unit to function as an audio interface for a computer. Simply connect a USB cable to utilize the high-quality sound of the B2.1U in a computer-based recording system. The high-performance DAW application Cubase LE comes bundled with the unit, so you can start creating sophisticated music straight away. Because playback from the DAW application can be monitored at the B2.1U itself, there are no latency problems during recording.